Global REnewable ENergy Advisors


Over the last 20 years the entire renewable energy industry landscape has changed and has grown up significantly, not only in terms of technology or prices but also in terms of sophisticated financing and legal work.

We believe that the sum of parts is greater than individual contributions and we know that successful renewable energy investments can only be reached with a team approach based on a combination of technical, legal and financial expertise within a strong organisational and operational structure.

The average experience of each member of the Board of Directors and the Board of Technical Advisors is exceeding 18 years.

We are 100% convinced by renewable energy investments as they offer a unique combination of attractive and low volatility returns while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring future energy needs.

Foto: ipopba

Foto: ipopba


The Board is responsible for the management of the company and the proper organisation of its operations. It consists of individuals with a diverse range of experience, viewpoints, culture, education and professional expertise with a deep understanding of the renewable energy industry and a strong commitment to GREEN and its continued success.

The members of the Board of Directors have a combined legal and financial experience exceeding 55 years. They think „long term“ and prove it with a successful track record of working together since more than 16 years. They have a deep knowledge and understanding of what Institutional Investors needs and expects.

• Régis WEILER


The members of the Board of Technical Advisors have a combined experience exceeding 57 years in renewable energy. During these pioneering years, they have acquired in-depth experience of all types of power plants: biogas, biomass, hydraulics, solar thermal energy, wind and photovoltaics.

With a proven track record of several hundreds MW, they have developed and build some of the best solar and wind power plants in Europe.

• Miguel JIMENEZ
• Jörg TEMME



Across all stages of the life cycle of power plants, the alignment of interest between our investors and ourselves is fundamental to the way we do business.

Renewable energy investments are long term by nature. By delivering a service of institutional quality thanks to a team approach, we create values and generate customer loyalty by building long-term relationships.

As a company involved in renewable energy, corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our strategy. We fulfill our responsibility by producing clean energy, creating social, environmental and financial value, and last but not least taking care of future generations.


Project Selection

The alignment of interest is fundamental to the way GREEN does business.
We deliberately avoid the project development activity in order to be free and not biased in our investment choices. Except project development we bring our experience on all other steps of renewable energy direct investments.
At GREEN, we have a long term approach and are judged on the strength of our investments: this is why, bearing the risk to appear naive, we only invest the money of our investors in projects where we would also invest our own capital.

Our Commitment

We believe that in order to be completely aligned with our investors we should not only invest our time and reputation, but also our capital.
We are not just saying that we select only projects where we would invest our proprietary capital; we prove it by committing ourselves to invest 50% of our fees in the selected projects.

Allround Carefree Package

Our clients are sophisticated institutional investors that are used to making investment decisions. However due to their lack of time, legal, financial and technical experience they can not seek out, appraise, structure, negociate, manage direct investment opportunities, neither do they want to operate these investments.
This is why, we define a simple and clear framework agreement with our institutional investors.
By doing so, our investors retain via a veto right a sense of control over their investments, whilst enabling specialists to look after the day to day management. This is our „Allround Carefree Package“.



Our Primary Focus: The Client!

We aim at all times to exceed client expectations, generating customer loyalty by building long-term relationships, creating mutual values and sharing our knowledge. We strive and work with them to find solutions for problems, learning from these problems, but establishing the premise of “better to do it right the first time”.

Team Approach

“The sum of parts generates value for the client” – We believe that the sum of parts is greater than individual contributions. We collaborate in everything we do through teamwork, sharing challenges and developing solutions together.



We intend to meet the needs of today without compromising tomorrow. We link the results we obtain in the short, medium and long term, in everything we do, for our people, our clients, our investors and the planet. We integrate sustainability into our business strategy, through developing and promoting clean energy from renewable sources.

Climate Change

Acting on climate change is a priority in our operations, enabling us to measure each of the actions we develop from the perspective of our contributions to the management of these contributions. We understand that our social and economic environment is increasingly subject to a business model that does not respect its environment, hence the need to weigh up our options in order to make decisions that care for the environment. In this sense, we strongly believe in the need to embrace the three basic pillars of sustainability: the generation of economic welfare, environmental improvement and societal responsibility. These are our business goals and are incorporated into our mission.

Clean Energy

Our business decisions are influenced by this direction: the future is none other than renewable energy. Given the current oil shortage and the high environmental cost of its extraction and use in methods of industrial and vehicle combustion, we consider the promotion of energy based on economically viable renewable sources to be a priority. We are focusing on the following clean technologies:

• Wind
• Solar Photovoltaics
• Storage Technologies


• Allround Carefree Package

• Our investors are our partners: we strive for medium to long term partnership

• Investors keep a veto right

• Institutional investors service quality

• Fixed fee structure/Alignment of interests

• We are not developers , therefore independant & free in our investments

• Added value across all the stages of renewable energy direct investments

• Only „best of breed“ partners

• Secure environment: we always work with independant due diligence experts to provide a second

• Unique combination of technical and financial expertise

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